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"My stability is outstanding!"

"I've become a lot faster and my stability is outstanding! When I started coupling this with my physical therapy my results were awesome!" - Max Dane

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"I'm usually the type to start a program and then just stop due to the redundancy, but with this program you never get board "pun intended" - Mandy Islam

"You would be mad not to"

"Not only was I able to workout again but i got through the workouts pain free. It felt great to be able to be active and I was pumped to go up in resistance each week" - Chaz Perez

"One of the best decisions I made"

"I was skeptical at first. I didn't know if it would really work, or if I'd have the time, or if it was just another fad... but I am so glad I trusted my gut and did this. Thank you for an incredible opportunity!" - Kyle Romanchuk

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Is the FitMilia Resistance Band System Stronger Than Weights?

You are killing your gains. Studies show that static weights overload the joints and underload the muscle which means less effective exercises. FitMilia Resistance Band System provides greatly varied resistance (weight) through each movement, providing better use of more muscles, produces higher levels of testosterone and human growth hormone levels, and drives greater gains and faster weight loss.


What’s the difference between FitMilia Resistance Band System vs other resistance band systems?

Most other resistance band systems don’t have an adjustable anchor system. The Body By Band Board allows the resistance band to pre-load resistance which allows for stronger exercise movements. Using a resistance band with only using the body has a chance to injure and reduce the amount of force you can press out or pull in which makes your exercise routine inefficient and hurts your gains.


Why do I need the resistance band handles and not just the resistance band?

The FitMilia resistance band handles can produce forces exceeding 400 pounds. Using heavy resistance bands without resistance band handles can damage your wrists and ankles because of the lack of support. This lack of support has the potential to damage your joints which prevents you from being able to fully perform the movement with the proper range of motion